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28 Feb 2018
SAVE THE DATE: Your Ocean Your Future
EurOcean pays tribute to the legacy of its founder Prof. Mário Ruivo with an event in Brussels on 6 June 2018.

Prof. Mário Ruivo made many key contributions to marine science and policy in Europe.

Find out who he was from the people who knew him best and discover what he did for the Ocean.

Prof. Mário Ruivo had a vision for a world where the Ocean was of central importance.

Learn more about it and how we are achieving his dream.

Prof. Mário Ruivo was a man of action. Come and see, touch, feel and experience marine science through interactive sessions and hands-on demonstrations.

EurOcean is preparing a very special event and soon we will provide you all the details and programme.

For now, we can already confirm that the photo and video exhibition of the "I live by the Sea" International Youth Contest will be premiered at our event.