Bringing the Ocean to Society
13 May 2018
EurOcean International Children’s Art Contest
EurOcean is inviting you to take part in the International Children’s Art Contest and have the works displayed at the “Your Ocean, Your Future” event to be held in Brussels, June 6th 2018.

The International Children’s Art Contest contributing to the event “Your Ocean, Your Future” was inspired by the Portuguese marine scientist, politician and visionary Prof. Mário Ruivo, EurOcean's co-founder and first President. You can see the more the 91 entries recieved here

Prof. Mário Ruivo was a biologist who dedicated his life to studying and defending the ocean. He was one of the first to dive to significant depths off the coast of Portugal in a submersible in 1957. He worked for many Portuguese and International organizations in the area of marine science and is the founding father of EurOcean. He has also given his name to a competition organized by EurOcean every few years to raise awareness of ocean issues.

This contest was aimed at encouraging the youngest generation to think about and be inspired by the ocean and is an opportunity to have their creativity shown to a wide audience. The contest part of the activity was secondary as all entries have merit. A selection of artworks was exhibited during the event.


The contest was open to children from all around the world from age 0 to 17 years.


  • How do you see the Ocean in the Future?
  • What does the Ocean mean to you?
  • Be inspired by or incorporate Prof. Ruivo's statements:

“O bicho homem, no meio marinho, sem conhecimento científico e sem tecnologia de apoio, é cego, surdo e mudo.”

“The human species, in the marine environment, without scientific knowledge and without supporting technology, is just a blind, deaf and dumb animal.”

“Contra ventos e mares, é preciso pelo menos manter a jangada a flutuar.”

“Against wind and seas, it is important to at least keep the raft afloat.”

How to enter:

Download the art contest form and submit, before the 21st of May 2018, your completed entry to:

Av. D. Carlos 1, 126 2º
1249-074 Lisboa

or by email to mr.prize@eurocean.org

Terms and Conditions of Submissions to the EurOcean International Children’s Art Contest



  • Illustrations, painting or artwork on paper of size A3 (420 x297mm), or similar size.
  • Originals should be sent to EurOcean at the above address.
  • High quality digital scans will also be accepted.


  • artwork should not be framed
  • for individual submissions: artwork should be signed on the backside (in PRINT characters): original work title; author’s first/last name; age; sex; mailing address; country; email; phone or fax
  • for classes, clubs, groups, educational institutions: artwork should have on the backside: name and address of the school, first/last name of the teacher
  • the parcel with artwork(s) should bear the inscription: “WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE”.

Selection Procedure:

  • A selection committee setup by EurOcean chose the most inspiring works to be displayed at the event “Your Ocean, Your Future” in Brussels on June 6th 2018.
  • Submission of an artwork was not a guarantee that it would be displayed during the event but EurOcean ended up deciding to show the vast majority of the entries.

Legal (updated on 09 May 2018):

  • Participants retain all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in their submitted artwork.
  • Submitted artworks may be used by EurOcean in various programs aimed at raising awareness of the ocean.
  • Submitted artworks may be scanned by EurOcean and used in its communications activities.
  • EurOcean will acknowledge authorship each time the submitted artwork is used.
  • Original artwork submitted as part of this contest will only be returned if the submitter explicitly requests it.
  • By submitting an entry, each contestant and his/her parent/legal guardian agrees: they have read, understood and will comply with these official rules. 

Deadlines for submissions:

All entries had to be received by EurOcean on or before May 21, 2018.