Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Dec 2019
A culinary contest for the preservation of the Ocean
Registration for the Olivier Roellinger contest for the conservation of marine resources is open.

The registrations for the 2020 edition of Olivier Roellinger culinary contest, for the conservation of marine resources, are now open to all European countries for students in catering school and young professionals.

For its 9th edition, the Olivier Roellinger contest continues to mobilize young chefs on the preservation of marine resources, but is now also opened to students in “waiter” training, who are in direct contact with customers.

For Olivier Roellinger “this contest is an eco-citizen initiative dedicated to the conservation of marine resources but more generally to the respect of environment. The young people who participate to this contest show that cooking can be sustainable but also delicious. Whether in the kitchen or in the restaurant room, they help raising consumer awareness on these issues and mobilizing the restaurant sector at European level.”

A culinary contest for the preservation of the Ocean

As a genuine link between the seafood indutry and consumers, chefs have a key role to play in preserving resources by choosing species whose stocks are in good condition. Moreover, chefs know better than anyone how to encourage consumers to discover equally delicious species commonly overlooked or considered less "noble" and whose stocks are not vulnerable.

The Olivier Roellinger contest aims at raising awareness of students and young professionals about the fragility of marine resources and the role they can play by choosing sustainable species for their customers. Through this contest, candidates can demonstrate that cooking can be as sustainable as tasty.

The contest is now open to a new professional category The novelty in this next edition, is the opening of the contest to students from Western Europe who are in « waiters training » in cooking school. These future professionals have a privileged relationship with customers and this contest aims to create a link between chefs and waiters, with the customers awareness about these social issues as a common goal.

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