Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 Jan 2019
FCT launches 2M euros call to celebrate the 5th Centenary of the Circumnavigation Journey
Deadline: 17 April 2019

EurOcean Member and Host will open in March a call for research and innovation projects within the framework of the 5th Centenary of the Circumnavigation Journey. The call for Scientific Research and Technological Development in the framework of the Commemorations of the 5th Centenary of Circumnavigation Journey - 2019 honours the voyage lead by Ferdinand Magellan from 1519 to 1522, the first expedition around the world in human history.

By focusing the interaction between people, cultures, nature and biodiversity, the call aim is to stimulate the projection of the Circumnavigation Journey into the future. The initiative goal is to contribute to the development of new knowledge in various thematic areas and contributing to the R+I agenda of the Atlantic Interactions, an intergovernmental initiative to unleash the potential of the Atlantic Ocean for society. It fosters knowledge-driven solutions for Atlantic and global societal challenges that require interdisciplinary research and innovation of complex Earth systems through cooperation targeting the Atlantic.

The total budget available for the call is 2 million euros and FCT is whiling to enlarge it, should it be properly justified. Each individual project can receive up to 300 thousand euros.