Who we are and what we do
Margherita Zorgno
Science Officer

Margherita started her career in Marine Science and Resources Management in 2014 in Indonesia, where she was working for a local NGO in a project aiming to empower fisher communities and to improve traceability in the tuna market chain. After working as a Research Assistant for the Environmental Policy Research Group of Wageningen University, The Netherlands, in 2015 she joined the Dutch NGO Goodfish Foundation as a project officer working on creating a sustainable seafood guide for consumers and retailers in the country. In 2016 she moved back to Italy to work with CIMA (International Centre of Environmental Monitoring) in a programme focussed on the management of Pelagos Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals in the Ligurian Sea. Following her passion for marine conservation and environmental education she has joined sea turtle conservation projects in Italy and Costa Rica. At EurOcean, Margherita is implementing different projects and services (such as AQUA-LIT, CatRIS ,DGMARE service Ocean Literacy for All). 

Margherita holds a bachelor degree in Biology and an MSc in Marine Ecology and Resources Management.