Bringing the Ocean to Society
9 Oct 2018
The second Call for Transnational Access of AQUACOSM is now open!
Deadline is 30 October 2018.

 Between January 2018 and December 2020, AQUACOSM will offer more than 11500 person-days of Transnational Access to more than 37 different leading and highly complementary European mesocosm facilities located at 19 AQUACOSM partners throughout Europe.

The mesocosm facilities represent a cross section of European aquatic ecosystems ranging from the Sub-Arctic to the Mediterranean and beyond, from mountains to lowlands, from freshwater to estuarine and fully marine systems, and spanning from ultra-oligotrophic to hyper-eutrophic conditions.

Detailed information about each mesocosm facility, technical design and available resources etc. can be found here.

An overview of research activities at each facility in 2019 is given in the AQUACOSM_TA-2019_Calendar

To effectively explore the possibilities of each facility, AQUACOSM strongly encourages all TA applicants to contact the respective facility providers – as early as possible in the proposal process – about possible usage of available resources and cooperation at the infrastructures. Please also consider the aims (explained below) and ensure that all requirements below are met before submitting a proposal for Transnational Access (TA).

The application deadline for the SECOND CALL for Transnational Access in 2019 will be Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 13:00 Central European Time (CET).

Full information can be found here.