Editorial Guidelines

EurOcean focuses on three core areas of activity:

  • Marine Research Infrastructures
  • Marine Knowledge Management
  • Communication and Outreach


EurOcean’s Communication Strategy aims at the dissemination of:

  • Our own activity
  • Our Members activity
  • News, projects, initiatives, events and job offers related to our core activities
  • Special contents related to the marine sphere


Our geographical area of interest is primarily the marine environments surrounding Europe. Our Communication and Outreach activities may also focus on Global issues.


EurOcean, as a private foundation funded by its Members, European projects and private services, can provide free dissemination services to any person, association or institution as long as the submitted contents align with our Editorial Guidelines.


EurOcean will apply these guidelines to decide what, when and how to disseminate any given content. The ultimate decision to publish or not is at our discretion.


For further details, please email EurOcean’s Communication Officer, Tiago Garcia – tiago.garcia@eurocean.org