Bringing the Ocean to Society
25 Jul 2018
More opportunities for you to learn how to bring RRI into your career and life
Check out the newest training programmes and educational materials developed by the project HEIRRI

The HEIRRI Training Programmes are ready and open to everyone! Start using them in a higher education context to integrate RRI into your courses. The ten HEIRRI training programmes on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) were presented at the HEIRRI second conference.

Packaged in an informative and educational format, the HEIRRI training programmes present various different sides of the RRI concept and are based on innovative and participative methodologies, following a “Problem-based learning” approach. They are designed for different educational levels: bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, MOOC, Summer schools, train-the-trainers and secondary school teachers.

Presented in multimedia formats, they can be found online and in open access in the RRI Tools platform and in the GUNi website.

Both EurOcean and our Members Nausicaa and CNR and deeply involved in MARINA, the only H2020 project implementing RRI on marine matters. Join us in the creation of a growing community of stakeholders - from citizens to high-level decision-makers - with varied interests about the hottest of topics currently affecting our marine environment.