Making partnerships and collaborations work
Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes
SEAS-ERA (2010-2014) goal was to embrace marine and maritime research in its entirety, going beyond previous initiatives which only targeted a given area or basin, and thus create a stable and durable structure for empowering and strengthening marine research all across Europe. SEAS-ERA was a platform for developing a European integrated policy oriented structure to promote knowledge and expertise in any sea related area. The overarching characteristic of SEAS-ERA was its ambition to embrace the whole spectrum of marine and maritime research, making it an open forum for knowledge sharing, an authentic arena where all sea related knowledge could mingle. EurOcean acted as a third party to FCT and provided its expertise in relation to communications and dissemination activities being responsible for maintaining the web portal, developing promotional materials and dissemination to targeted audiences. Moreover development of the ocean infrastructure database (EurOcean_RID) took place under the project.