Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Jul 2018
The blue economy provides more than 1.5 million jobs in the EU.
Find out the significance of the Blue Economy in this 1st annual economic report from the European Commission.

The EU´s Blue Economy is estimated to provide a gross value added of more than € 174 Billion and employs more than 3.5 million people according to the 2018 Annual Economic Report on EU Blue Economy published in June 2018 by the European Commission, DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. This is the 1st time such a report has been produced and its aim is to provide a coherent assessment and quantitative information across all of the EU Member States to support better policy and decision making.

This first edition reports quite comprehensively on what it calls the six established sectors: fisheries, aquaculture and processing; extraction of oil and gas; ports, warehousing and water projects; maritime transport; shipbuilding and repair and coastal tourism. Interestingly, coastal tourism is identified as the sector contributing the most jobs, value added and profits, with oil and gas the least. It also addresses emerging sectors such as the bio-economy, ocean energy, offshore wind energy, desalination and deep-seabed mining. Furthermore it includes four case studies looking at some thematic and regional developments and experiences in the blue economy and it provides a specific overview of the blue economy in each of the 28 EU Member States for the period 2009-2016.

This report is expected to be the first in a series of reports which will also look in more detail at the emerging sectors identified as well as others. One challenge is finding reliable, comprehensive and comparable data across the whole of the EU.