Privacy Policy
our privacy statement on the protection of personal data
Privacy Policy

This document describes the privacy policy of the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology (EurOcean) Foundation and therewith the EurOcean website. It affects all data gathered and processed through the EurOcean website by the EurOcean Foundation. This policy is a derivative of the GDPR, and is to be applied to EurOcean Foundation activities, and EurOcean Foundation data processing and data & information systems.

1. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data processing is managed by the EurOcean Office in relation to the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology (EurOcean) Foundation, a scientific, non-governmental and not for profit organisation incorporated as a “Stichting” in Dutch law on 12 December 2007.

The GDPR is EU Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. It repeals Directive 95/46/EC. The GDPR comes in force on 25 May, 2018. More information can be found on the EC GDPR site .

2. Personal data – what is it?

Personal data may be anything that identifies an individual directly or indirectly. Standard information that is classed as personal data includes personal identity number, name, postal address and e-mail addresses. Also photos, films and audio recordings may be classed as personal data

3. EurOcean Foundation as data owner and processor

For some of the EurOcean Foundation services and activities, the EurOcean Foundation gathers personal data through the means identified below (section 4). EurOcean Foundation is the owner and processor of this data and only passes this data to third parties for strictly necessary purposes as described in section 8.

All data gathered and processed by the EurOcean Foundation is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to protect the privacy of all EU inhabitants. Note that the EurOcean Foundation makes use of the IT system of the Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN) to support its website and IT services. For all information regarding the data processing  of EurOcean Foundation data held on these servers, we refer to the FCCN privacy policy.

4. Methods of Personal Data Collection

For some of the services and activities of the EurOcean Foundation, processing of personal data is necessary. By providing your personal data to the EurOcean Foundation you agree to the data processing. The following are methods that the EurOcean Foundation may use to collect personal data

  • Collaboration with  the EurOcean Foundation
  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence with EurOcean Foundation
  • Visiting the Websites or the EurOcean office
  • Subscription to the newsletter
  • Subscription and registrations to EurOcean Foundation webinars/seminars/events/workshops/etc.
  • Taking pictures and video recording, taken during events or voluntarily received
  • Exchanging of business cards

All personal data, collected by the EurOcean Foundation, are thus expressly and voluntarily provided by the data subject.

Providing certain personal data is (sometimes) a requirement to be able to enjoy certain services (e.g. to gain access to certain parts of the Websites, to subscribe to newsletters, to participate in certain activities and events). In this respect, it shall be indicated which data must be provided mandatorily and which data is optional.

  1. 5. Services requiring personal data

The following is a list of the EurOcean Foundation activities and systems which make use of personal data. This data is kept for as long as the agreement lasts, and at least as long as is required for legal purposes (e.g. accountancy). For purposes concerning proof in juridical disputes, EurOcean Foundation may store personal data up to 10 years after the fact, which is the maximum legal term for placing personal claims.

1. EurOcean Members

The EurOcean Foundation collects data of its member organisations. This includes the contact details (name, e-mail, address, phone number) of the representatives and alternates and any other persons from the organisations that have been nominated to participate in EurOcean Foundation Working Groups, events and publications. The EurOcean Foundation uses this data to inform members on EurOcean activities and for membership administration (legal obligation). The institutional affiliation is saved for institutional members.

2. Personal Data in our Infrastructures and Knowledge Gate Infobases
The EurOcean Foundation manages large Infobases of marine research infrastructure and infobases of European and national funded marine research projects and their results. The personal data collected depends on the type of infrastructure or project, and can contain: full name, e-mail address, country, organisation name, address and type and telephone number.

3. Participation in (on-line) surveys

  1. The personal data collected depends on the type of survey, and can contain: full name, e-mail address, country, organisation name and type, telephone number and/or Skype name. Otherwise, only country and organisation type will be collected.

4. Mailing lists

  1. The EurOcean Foundation manages the following mailing lists:
  • Newsletter: used to send out our monthly compilation of articles on news, job offers, funding calls, projects and other special announcements regarding the activity of EurOcean and its Members. This is our main list and its subscribers can also be contacted to participate in events we organise. 
  • Databases: used to contact people and institutions about matters related to the data and contents stored and displayed in our large marine infobases - the Research Infrastuctures Database (RID) and the Knowledge Gate (KG).
  • Surveys: used to involve people in surveys about specific aspects related to our three core activities (marine research infrastructures, marine knowledge management, and communication and outreach).
  1. Each e-mail sent to these mailing lists contains an unsubscribe link and a contact address. For several communications, the EurOcean Foundation can make use of the services of Sendinblue for this purpose. Sendinblue functions in this instance as the data processor – you can find the Sendinblue privacy policy here.

5. Personal data offered for job applications

  1. Personal data offered in the context of job applications will be used solely for processing the application, unless consent was given for alerts on future job offers. The data will only be available to the EurOcean Foundation personnel handling the job offer.
  2. The emails and personal data received at the EurOcean Foundation will be stored for a maximum of 10 years for evidence purposes in case of juridical claims by the applicant.

6. Conference and other event participation

  1. In order to participate in events organised by the EurOcean Foundation, registration is required for organisational purposes (venue size, catering services, inform participants on programme updates, etc.). Registration forms will contain a section to allow participants to subscribe to further communications by the EurOcean Foundation, or to remove their data once the event has taken place (this is the default option). For each event, several e-mails may be sent as part of the communication agreement: save-the-date, posting of the tentative programme, abstract submission calls, closing of the early bird or final programme, and the closing e-mail with links to pictures taken and download links for presentations.
  2. During our events, pictures/films can be taken which can be communicated via the EurOcean Foundation annual report and other EurOcean Foundation publications, or posted on our website. If you do not want your pictures to be published, you can send a request for the removal of photographs or films to the e-mail address used for event administration or to Photos in which the requester is shown will be removed from our web sites and servers; for films, the film segment will be cut out or the film deleted if the requester is clearly visible.

7. Visitor tracking on website

  1. The EurOcean Foundation makes use of the IT support and system of the Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN) to support its website and IT services. FCCN keeps logs of website visits – which contain: an IP address, time information, and the url visited - for bug tracking and to monitor for malicious visits. Along with the web-server logging, an anonymous visitor-tracking system is in place, to track which pages on the websites hosted by FCCN are accessed.

We may also use the data to prepare statistics about the usage of the site so that we can understand how users interact with our site and improve our site content, products and services. For this, the data are anonymised.

6. Your right as a data subject

A data subject is the natural person for whom personal data is processed. Each person has the right to be informed on what personal data is being processed and to have access to their personal data.

As the data subject, you have the right to:

  • request a copy of your personal details at any time to check the accuracy of the information held
  • and/or to correct or update this information.
  • You may also ask your personal information to be deleted completely (your right to be forgotten). Simply send us an e-mail at with your request, and we will act and reply you as soon as possible. Note that the GDPR stipulates that each request made must be logged.

Note that at all times, the data subject has the chance to personally unsubscribe from the EurOcean newsletter – an unsubscribe link is provided in every newsletter.

You have the right to object at any time to processing of your personal data. If you would like to apply your right to object, please contact us at Likewise, you can also contact the Portuguese National Commission for the Protection of Data  in case of an objection.

7. How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data is kept as long as follow-up actions linked to the above-mentioned purpose are necessary. All personal data will be deleted at the end of the EurOcean initiative.

8. Disclosures of personal information

We take care to allow access to personal information only to those who require such access to perform their tasks and duties, and to third parties who have a legitimate purpose for accessing it. Whenever we permit a third party to access personal information, we will implement appropriate measures to ensure the information is used in a manner consistent with this policy and that the security and confidentiality of the information is maintained.

  • Transfers to our members

We may share your personal information with EurOcean members in order to administer our recruitment processes or to support us in a specific task or initiative.

  • Transfers to third party service providers

In accordance with applicable law, we may make certain personal information available to third parties who provide services to us, including data storage, shared services platform providers, IT developers and support providers and providers of hosting services in relation to our online services and third parties who provide support and advice including in relation to legal, financial / audit, management consultancy, insurance, health and safety, security and reporting issues.

9. External Websites

Our Website and eNewsletter provide links to other websites. We do not control, and are not responsible for, the content or practices of these other websites. Our provision of such links does not constitute our endorsement of these other websites, their content, their owners, or their practices. This Privacy Policy does not apply to these other websites, which are subject to any privacy and other policies they may have.

10. Updates to the Privacy Policy

We will update our Privacy Statement whenever necessary. Unless, and until, you object in writing by contacting us at, or at the address below (section 11)  all changes will apply to the existing information about you that the EurOcean Foundation already holds, and the personal information collected from the effective date of the revised Privacy Statement. Your use of our Site following the effective date of any revision will constitute your acceptance of the terms of the updated Privacy Statement.

11. Website operator and data controller

In case you have questions, comments or objections related to this Privacy Statement, or on your rights, you can contact us at; or on the following address: Av. D. Carlos I, 126 – 2º, 1249-074 Lisboa, Portugal.