Who we are and what we do
The European broker for ocean science and technology.

EurOcean is an independent, non-profit, scientific organization founded in 2002, by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the French National Institute for Ocean Science (Ifremer).

It supports European Ocean Science and Technology advances, by fostering information exchange, interaction, and innovation among its members, the ocean community, and society.

EurOcean provides comprehensive databases of information on topics related to marine science and technology in Europe with priority given to three main domains: Marine Knowledge Management, Marine Research Infrastructures, and Ocean Public Outreach and Awareness activities.

It is an active participant in a number of European-funded projects and it contributes to initiatives aiming to promote a Blue Society and the implementation of the European Maritime Policy.



Find out about the more than 6000 marine projects and their results in EurOcean_KG and the more than 900 Marine Research Infrastructures in EurOcean_RID