Bringing the Ocean to Society
21 Dec 2017
We all have ideas about what is the best for our ocean… but do we have a voice? And does it count?
The MARINA workshops are one fine way to be heard and you can start planning where you will do it 2018.

In 2017, MARINA organised plenty of workshops all over Europe. Hundreds of participants attended these national and international events dedicated to the promotion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in issues dealing with marine sciences.

The results comprise the ideas presented, discussed and voted by the citizens, representatives of NGOs, educators, researchers, members of the industry and representatives of governmental bodies who joined the workshops. Dedicated roadmaps were created to support the development of policy strategies at local, regional, national and European level.

You can access these roadmaps as well as all the materials of each workshop by registering in the MARINA Community in the project’s platform. Here is an example of what took place in the event held in January 2017 in Faro, Portugal on the impact of sea level rise on coastal tourism and the resulting roadmap.

For 2018, the 14 partners of the MARINA consortium together with a few additional collaborating institutions are already preparing the second round of workshops. And they will all be focusing how can RRI be implemented in a series of pertinent themes like marine biotechnology, deep sea mining, climate change, sea transportation and renewable energies.

The MARINA workshops are an excellent opportunity for anyone or any organisation aiming at having a voice and defending a position about the hot topics under discussion. A lot of networking also tends to take place during our events and perhaps you will find the partner you are looking for in one of them.

Plus… these workshops are fun!

Have you ever been involved in a World Café? Have you ever witnessed how a Structured Democratic Dialogue Process can make people with seriously contrasting opinions to reach a consensual position?

So, without further ado, here they are… the MARINA 2018 workshops for you to join:

2018 NATIONAL workshops (to run on the local language)

When / Theme / Location / Organization

29 Jan / Marine biotech / Nice, France / Institut de Science et Ethique

Jan/Feb / Marine biotech / Brussels or Paris / ROM WON

2 Feb / Offshore wind energy / Spain / CIC NanoGune

7 Feb / Sea transportation / Turkey / Istanbul University

8 Feb / Sea transportation / Estonia / AHHAA

15 /16 Feb / Sea transportation / Athens, Greece / Seven - Solutions for the Environment Sustainable Engineering             

16 Feb / Deep sea mining / Malfetta, Italy / Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources

21 Feb / Deep sea mining / Cyprus / CNTI and XPRO

23 Feb / Climate change / Gilleleje, Denmark / AAU

Feb/Mar / Renewable energy / Poland / IOPAN

March / Climate change / Ireland / UCC

6 Mar / Climate change / Romania / Mare Nostrum

7 Mar / Climate change / Ireland / SmartBay

9 Mar / Renewable energy / Bucarest, Romania / GeoEcoMAR

9 Mar / Deep sea mining / Ponta Delgada Portugal / EurOcean

9 Mar / Marine Biotech / Ponta Delgada, Portugal / FRCT

12 Mar / Renewable energy / Rome, Italy / APRE

13 Mar / Marine biotech / Boulogne sur Mer, France / Nausicaa

13 Mar / Marine biotech / Rome, Italy / ISPRA

14 Mar / Sea transportation / Rome, Italy / CNR

2018 INTERNATIONAL workshops (to run in English)

When / Theme / Location / Organization

11 Apr / Deep sea mining / Cyprus / CNTI and XPRO

Apr/May / Deep sea mining / Lisbon, Portugal / EurOcean

17 May / Marine transportation / Estonia / AHHAA

Please contact the respective local MARINA partner to get more details and to register in the events you wish to attend.