Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 Sep 2017
Ocean Literacy is supported by coastal web atlases
Eurocean´s Executive Director, Ned Dwyer, contributes to a workshop on ocean literacy

More than 25 participants from 20 countries came to Santa Marta, Colombia on September 12, 2017 for the 8th ICAN workshop on  “Coastal Web Atlases enhancing Ocean Literacy (OL)”. The workshop kicked off with an overview of the origins and development of ocean literacy initiatives around the world and followed up by outlining the underlying principles. Subsequent presentations covered a variety of themes ranging from how to communicate the risks of tropical storms in Central America, empowering local fishing communities in Brazil all the way to using classical literature within WebGIS content to raise appreciation of local coastal environments and to demonstrate the connectivity of inland areas to the sea. Lively discussions ensued on how Coastal Web Atlas development can support the variety of ocean literacy initiatives, which are emerging in the context of the UN Ocean Conferences call for action towards the SDG 14. The workshop was followed by an IOI (Eurocean cooperating member) coordinated course on Ocean Literacy and Storytelling Maps

The International Coastal Atlas Network ,of which Eurocean is a member, is an IODE project, and is a global reference for the development of coastal web atlases.  Ned Dwyer sits on its Steering Committee.  

The ICAN Steering Group and all participants of ICAN 8 would like to thank INVEMAR, Colombia’s Institute for Marine and Coastal Research, not only for hosting ICAN 8 but for the warm welcome and amazing hospitality, which made everyone feel welcome and contributed to the success of this workshop.