Who we are and what we do
The creation of a European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology originated in a joint French - Portuguese initiative aiming to implement the recommendations of the report "Towards a new marine dimension for Europe through research and technological development", adopted on 4th May 2000 by a group of governmental experts from 15 European countries brought together at the invitation of the then Portuguese Minister for Science and Technology.


This report, which was presented to the European Council for Research on 15th June 2000, recognized "the benefit of a focal point for information on marine science and technology, which could:

  • facilitate access to relevant information;
  • provide access to and develop marine quantitative indicators, including socio-economic data;
  • compile and prepare information on trends in marine science and technology;
  • help prepare synthesis to decision-makers;
  • facilitate access to information to enhance cooperation between scientific and technological institutions, industry, and other stakeholders;
  • contribute to public awareness and educational programmes on marine issues."


Creation of EurOcean as a permanent structure

Portugal’s Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) decided to implement the recommendations of the above-mentioned report and signed a cooperation agreement in February 2002 to set up a centre for information on marine science and technology – EurOcean.

The idea of creating EurOcean was to have a permanent structure that could focus on creating, maintaining and making permanently available information on marine science and technology, overcoming the then lack of visibility and difficulties of information access.

The success and relevance of the EurOcean Network have been demonstrated over subsequent years with growing membership and involvement in numerous European projects and initiatives. 


EurOcean Presidents and Pioneers


Carlos García-Soto
(President 2020-present)
Director Global Change Unit - IEO


Slawomir Sagan
(President 2016-2020)
Professor - IOPAN


Ricardo Serrão Santos
(President 2013-2016)
Portuguese Minister of the Sea (2020-present)
Member European Parliament (2014-2019)
President of the Institute of Marine Research, University of Azores, Portugal (2006-2014)


Per Nieuwejaar
(President 2009-2012)
Director, Research Vessels Department, IMR Norway (2000-present)


Jean-François Minster
(EurOcean Co-President 2002-2004)
Senior Vice-President, Scientific Development, TOTAL, SA, France (2006-present)
President-Managing Director of Ifremer, France (1999-2004)


Mário Ruivo
(President 2005-2008, EurOcean Co-President 2002-2004)
President of the National Council for Environmental Development, CNADS, Portugal (1997-2016); Portugal
President of the National Forum for Ocean Affairs (2008-2016), Portugal


EurOcean Executive-Directors


Sérgio Bryton
(Executive-Director 2019-present) 

Senior Researcher at European Commission Joint Research Centre (2016-2018)
Programming Services Director at Portuguese Directorate General for Maritime Policy (2013-2016)


Ned Dwyer
(Executive-Director 2015-2018)

Deputy-Director and Team Leader, Coastal and Marine Research Centre, University College Cork, Ireland (2002-2014)


Telmo Carvalho
(Executive-Director 2009-2014)

Member of the Board of Directors of IPMA, Portugal (2018 - Present)

Advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister of the Sea, Portugal (2015-2018) 

Head of the Ocean Office, Science and Technology Foundation, Portugal (2015)


Laurent d´Ozouville
(Executive-Director 2002-2008)

Marine Board Executive Scientific Secretary, Belgium (1994-2001)
Retired 2009


All members have an equal voice in the governance of Eurocean