Making partnerships and collaborations work
EurOcean partners with the European Research Vessels Operators(ERVO) group and the Ocean Facilities Exchange Group (OFEG). The partnership supports the regular update of EurOcean's infrastructures infobases as ERVO and OFEG represent the main infrastructures owners/operators and EurOcean provides services to support both groups activities.
The European Research Vessels Operators Group is a forum in which to share experiences of common interest, to explore opportunities for co-operation between Research Vessel managers and to identify solutions for improving services to the scientific community.
EurOcean is responsible for the technical management, maintenance and content of the website and supports communication and dissemination activities within the ERVO membership.


The Ocean Facilities Exchange Group  provides a forum to consider barter exchange and co-operation opportunities for the Global and Ocean Class research fleet. It facilitates joint cruises, exchange of ship-time and marine equipment.
EurOcean hosts and maintains the Group's website.