Bringing the Ocean to Society
26 May 2017
Have you missed the February EMODnet Sea-Basin Checkpoints Stakeholder Conference?
Don’t panic! It's all captured in a new Conference Report!

On 14-15 February 2017, more than 150 marine data providers, users and enthusiasts gathered in Brussels for the first EMODnet Stakeholder Conference. Over the course of a day and a half, EMODnet experts and interested stakeholders discussed whether marine data collected via current observation and monitoring activities in Europe, satisfy the needs of those who rely upon it.

The Conference centred on the innovative approaches taken by a series of EMODnet data stress tests, also known as Sea-basin Checkpoints, to evaluate whether the marine data currently available at the level of the sea basins is fit for purpose. The aim of the Checkpoints is to assess if the quality and availability of the data are sufficient.

Over the course of the meeting, the Checkpoints showcased the results of their work to date, highlighting where they have identified major gaps or bottlenecks towards improving Europe’s observation capacity. Stakeholders were actively engaged in the discussion of these results and contributed to a wide range of recommendations to improve European marine data collection and sharing efforts, and to making progress towards a coherent European Ocean Observing System.

The conference report provides a high-level summary of the Conference and associated break-out workshops.

The headline findings presented at the conference and in the report are underpinned by comprehensive assessments and should be considered in the context of the full and detailed Data Adequacy Reports.

Download the conference report