Bringing the Ocean to Society
26 May 2017
Helping to address the challenges from a changing Arctic
EurOcean has launched the public website of the INTAROS project

The environment in the Arctic region is now changing significantly due to increased air and water temperature, thinning and decrease in the area of sea ice, melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, thawing permafrost and changes in atmospheric and ocean circulation. Such changes have global and regional implications including extreme weather, sea level change, coastal erosion, natural hazards and changes in the ecosystem.

In order to improve understanding of these changes and address the resulting challenges an integrated Pan-Arctic Observation System is required. The H2020 INTAROS will therefore develop an efficient integrated Arctic Observation System by extending, improving and unifying existing and evolving systems in the different regions of the Arctic.

EurOcean, as co-lead of the dissemination activities has just launched the project website. Visit to find out more about the various activities underway to improve and co-ordinate observations in the Arctic so that we have the information to address the emerging challenges and opportunities offered by a changing Arctic environment.