Bringing the Ocean to Society
26 May 2017
Users sought for Earth Observation Processing EO4Atlantic platform
Become a user of the platform and take advantage of the cloud for your satellite data processing needs.

Scalable cloud-based data processing is the future of Earth Observation, due to the large volumes of data being generated by satellite-based instruments, remote sensing tools and onsite observations. A prototype platform for Earth Observation data in the Atlantic region (EO4Atlantic) is being developed in Ireland, and is funded by the European Space Agency. The project is led by Parameter Space Ltd., an Irish SME with expertise in platform development for a number of scientific missions, in collaboration with a number of SMEs including Techworks Marine. Trial users are being sought from any institution or organisation located along the Atlantic coastline, with an interest in satellite data.

The EO4Atlantic platform will allow users to analyse large data sets in a high-performance capacity, without the need to download large data volumes to their computers. The users can make use of existing available software (e.g. open source tools currently being used for analysis of satellite or sensor data) or upload their own tools to the platform and run their analysis close to the data.

Services which will be made available through the platform for testing include toolboxes for analysis of satellite data, workflows which will allow the chaining together of different tools to create multiple processing steps, and services providing products such as sea surface wind speed evaluations for renewable energy exploitation, flood risk assessment in coastal regions, and ecological and physical observations of inland and coastal waters.

Information on the EO4Atlantic platform can be found here.