Bringing the Ocean to Society
6 Mar 2017
EU H2020 Co-ReSyF Competitive Call for Ideas and Summer School 2017
innovation in coastal research through the use of Earth Observation (EO) Big Data. This will be achieved by creating an online platform to support coastal water research applications that is accessible to both inexperienced and advanced EO and coastal users.

The Co-ReSyF capabilities will be supported and initially demonstrated by a team of young scientists, students and novice EO and coastal researchers, who will develop new coastal research applications based on EO data on the Co-ReSyF platform.

As a result, a Competitive Call for Ideas was issued in 2016 to promote the usage of Co-ReSyF, and invite proposals for innovative ideas and research activities using the platform. Eight (8) successful applicants have now been invited to attend the Co-ReSyF Summer School (12-14th July 2017, Lisbon, Portugal), where they will be given access to (a) the Co-ReSyF platform, (b) training material and (c) technical support to develop their proposed ideas into new coastal applications. Adding to current Co-ReSyF Research Applications, the development of new ideas will allow these early platform users to demonstrate the capabilities and broader scope of Co-ReSyF to the wider scientific community.