Bringing the Ocean to Society
21 Feb 2017
EU invests over €10 million in offshore renewable energy research
EurOcean´s Research Infrastructures Database to be integrated in major H2020 infrastructure project on marine renewable energy.

Providing access to over 57 facilities across Europe to help researchers and developers find and test solutions for improving offshore energy generation and transmission in the tidal, wave and wind areas, is just one of the goals of the  H2020 MaRINET2  (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Energy Technologies) infrastructures project.

EurOcean was present at the kick-off meeting held in Dublin on February 2nd. It is one of the 38 partners in the project and will be contributing its Marine Research Infrastructures Database (RID) as a repository of information on the various research infrastructures to be used.

Speaking at the launch event, coordinator Dr Jimmy Murphy, from University College Cork, Ireland, said: “By offering European-wide access to marine energy testing, we ensure that the best facilities and expertise in the world are being made available to more people, and that developers are saving several thousands of euro during critical development phases of their technology.” The first call for transnational access will be launched in April 2017. More information on the launch here.