Bringing the Ocean to Society
18 Aug 2021
#EUBeachCleanup 2021
Together to protect marine life

Every year, the EU organises an ocean-activism and awareness-raising campaign - #EUBeachCleanup - featuring events across the world. Teaming up with the United Nations and the bluest of friends, the Smurfs, the EU strongly believes that we can all make a real difference for our blue planet, taking responsible action as individuals and collectively

Ready to take action? As part of the 2021 edition of the #EUBeachCleanup campaign, you are invited to join ActNowthe UN campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. By changing our habits and making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we have the power to protect our planet, including the ocean!

Together with the United Nations, the EU has listed a number of actions you can take to protect marine life! Start by downloading the mobile app by AWorld – it allows you to:

  • Choose sustainable habits related to this year’s beach clean-up activity;
  • See the impact you are making;
  • Take educational journeys on protecting marine life; and
  • Engage in group challenges

More information here