Bringing the Ocean to Society
6 Sep 2021
EU4Ocean's #MakeMedPortsBlue photo contest!
Ports and harbours: Shaping our cities, Shaping our Mediterranean Sea

Throughout history, the Mediterranean’s complex identity has been carved by the sea, facilitating the flow of knowledge, culture, and goods between civilizations and across continents. Inversely, the Mediterranean coast has been shaped by its residents, whereby construction and destruction left their toll on the marine and coastal environment.

At the interface between land and the sea, and as the hubs for these exchanges, ports and harbours have a key role in contributing to the sustainable management of both the marine space and the coastal hinterland.

This year, the Mediterranean Sea Basin event Let’s make the Mediterranean Blue organized by the EU4OCEAN coalition* will shed light on the role and responsibilities of these ports and harbours in contributing to:

  • … the preservation of the natural, cultural and societal values of Mediterranean coastal cities
  • … the sustainability of the Mediterranean sea – Make the Med Blue!

In this framework, the  EU4OCEAN coalition is organising yet another photography contest, this time open to all 22 countries** of the Mediterranean Sea basin! Citizens and residents of these Mediterranean countries are encouraged to share their vision on how ports/harbours affect their cultural and natural environment, and on how ports/harbours can play a leading role in maintaining a healthy and clean Mediterranean Sea!

More information on the contest