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5 Aug 2021
Deep Sea Live-Streaming
Eurofleets funded Expedition BENCHMARK
Chris Yesson and Emmeline Broad are currently taking part in a Eurofleets funded expedition, BENCHMARK, exploring the seabed of the Denmark strait (located between the east coast of Greenland and the west coast of Iceland), on board of RV G.O. Sars.
They are also using the ROV ÆGIR 6000 with high-definition cameras to film and map this remote marine environment, revealing important habitats and incredible species of cold-water coral, sponges and much more.
Join them tomorrow, 6 of August, at 12:30pm (BST) as they live-stream video footage from the ROV and reveal some of the weird and wonderful sea creatures that call this extreme environment home here.
Eurofleets scientific campaigns summer season just started and EurOcean, as the communication WP leader, is supporting communication and dissemination of all the project activities.
Stay tuned for more updates following Eurofleets social media -  Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn