Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 May 2021
EurOcean's RID at EMODnet Open Conference 2021
Connecting Open Data, Delivering Marine Knowledge

The online EMODnet Open Conference (14-16 June 2021) will provide a unique opportunity to bring together EMODnet partners, data providers and users from Europe and beyond, connecting across stalkeholders communities to showcase current EMODnet data, data products and services, and look ahead to co-design EMODnet's next phase to 2030 and beyond.

EurOcean's RID feeds the European Atlas of the Seas with over 800 infrastructures from 35 countries, including research vessels and equipment aboard, on-land and offshore research and lab facilities in the oceanography and biology domains, as well as numerous remote and in-situ observation facilities.

RID has been facilitating marine research, policy support, education, and training activities in Europe and beyond.