Bringing the Ocean to Society
9 Feb 2021
AQUA-LIT Toolbox Online Survey & Final Video
AQUA-LIT welcomes aquaculture stakeholders to discover the Toolbox, fill in the online Survey and check out the Final Video

AQUA-LIT Team has been working over the last two years to bring to create the Toolbox for handling better marine litter from prevention to a recycling state, targeting the entire stakeholders' chain of the aquaculture sector.

Discover the online Toolbox and explore more than 400 ideas and solutions to tackle marine littering provided by the aquaculture stakeholders AQAU-LIT has worked with across the Mediterranean, North and Baltic seas; find information on which port provides facilities to receive fishing or aquaculture waste, explore many funding opportunities to create a project on marine litter and check out the policy recommendations for the EU and action plans for outermost regions.

Even though the project ended in December 2020, stakeholders opinion is still very important. AQUA-LIT Team welcomes aquaculture stakeholders and experts to fill in a short survey after having navigated throughout the toolbox.

Find all this and more at www.aqua-lit.eu/toolbox or you can download the AQUA-LIT toolbox app available at the AppStore.

Last but not least, check out the final video with the highlights of AQUA-LIT results!