Bringing the Ocean to Society
2 Nov 2020
Sea Tech Week® 2020 is over but still accessible
Rewatch the special session on international cooperation by EurOcean and some of our Members.

Sea Tech Week® 2020 is over, but the show and replays are available until mid-December. EurOcean, Campus mondial de la mer, Ifremer, IOPAN and OECD and other marine organisations organised a special session on "Cooperation Models for Ocean Knowledge and Innovation". The session addressed how the observation of ocean and marine systems is a key issue for better knowledge, ecosystems preservation and long-term development of sea-based human activities.

In order to create synergies and foster innovation, many collaboration patterns between research organisations and private-sector stakeholders have emerged. Our virtual session investigated different ways of collaboration in France and in Europe, by relying on the following networks: EurOcean, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Campus mondial de la mer.

The event included two round tables to address the key challenges for innovation networks:

  • How do these partnerships contribute to observation?
  • How to increase their contribution to the blue economy by developing new products and services based on observation data and knowledge diffusion?

To watch our special session please access the Sea Tech Week® 2020.