Bringing the Ocean to Society
18 Aug 2020
Ifremer/Sismer published the "French Oceanographic Cruises Report of 2019"
EurOcean's Member continues to act as a leading supplier of marine data.

Ifremer/Sismer is pleased to present the “French Oceanographic Cruises Report of 2019”.

Since last year publication, the report is sent to subscribers in a digital version that is also available for download here.

The information systems managed by the Sismer range from CATDS (data from the SMOS satellite) to geoscience data (bathymetry, seismic, geological samples), including water column data (physics and chemistry, data for operational oceanography - Coriolis - Copernicus CMEMS), fishery data (Harmonie), coastal environment data (Quadrige 2), deep environment data (Archimède).

SISMER therefore plays a central role in the management of marine databases both for Ifremer and in the service of numerous national, European or international projects.

For more information, please contact sgc@flotteoceanographique.fr