Bringing the Ocean to Society
30 Jul 2020
New Eurofleets video out now!
Have a look at the research vessels and marine equipment that are available to marine researchers through competitive calls.

Eurofleets is now in its third iteration through the H2020 project EUROFLEETS+ - An alliance of European marine research infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities. On the 30th of July 2020, the leading European initiative dedicated to provide access to the EU’s state of the art fleet of research vessels and marine equipment has launched its new promotional video.

This specific material is part of deliverable 9.7 - Promotion pack and video materials for open days. The EUROFLEETS+ Open days will be held onboard a number of Transnational Access (TNA) vessels at dockside. These events are aimed at the general public and thus will be used to promote the important role Research Vessels play in oceanographic observation, disseminate project initiatives and outcomes and at the same time contribute to promoting ocean literacy.

You can now watch any of its 21 versions with different subtitles at the project’s Youtube channel, representing all the official languages of the project, thus supporting the ocean literacy of the communities where they will be broadcast.

In a fast-evolving world, research vessels remain the primary method of oceanographic observations. These floating laboratories provide support to multidisciplinary research and different end-use communities.

TNA is at the core of EUROFLEETS+. 27 research vessels, 7 ROVs, 5 AUVs and telepresence unit are available to researchers through the project, in a total of 397 days of free access distributed by 250 days on-board research vessels, 133 days of access to marine equipment, and 14 days of access to the telepresence unit. The TNA opportunities will be distributed not only in the European marine basins (North Atlantic and the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas) but in the South Atlantic, South Pacific and Southern Ocean as well.

EUROFLEETS+ also as its eyes set on the future. Ocean Literacy and the training of young researchers is another key activity being carried by the project. EUROFLEETS+ acts a meeting point for numerous marine scientists who, through the opportunities created by the project, develop new international collaborations to tackle some of the biggest challenges that are affecting our ocean and planet.

Besides coordinating the project’s communications, EurOcean has been supporting the whole Eurofleets exercise since the first iteration begun in 2009 by providing access to the research vessels data available at our Research Infrastructures Database (RID), Europe’s largest catalogue of marine RIs, through the EUROFLEETS+ EVIOR portal.