Bringing the Ocean to Society
28 Jul 2020
I Live By The Sea Summer School running until 19 August 2020
Do not miss this series of webinars on various topics that contribute to ocean literacy.

Increasing awareness of global change, with climate change as one of the major issues, is crucial in order to develop the next generation of world society, who will be ready to make science-based decisions in order to provide secure, sustainable outcomes for the entire planet.

In times of global environmental changes, it is obvious that science-based education plays a critical role in increasing the current condition of people’s awareness. Properly designed and conducted science, provides tools for meeting various social needs, including quality education. Thus, there is a strong need for both researchers and educators to cooperate and provide modern approaches to produce science-based information and motivate people to act with an environmental perspective. Sustainability science and sustainable and quality education seem to be the obvious tools for achieving these goals.

Today We Have, the Polish company behind the I Live By The Sea annual international youth photo and film contest, organised together with EurOcean's Member Institute Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences and the Gdynia Aquarium the first edition of the I Live By the Sea Summer School to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussions of these challenging issues. The initiative is composed of various webinars designed to facilitate the exchange of information among users from different parts of the world, who care about our environment.

A total of five webinars are taking place on a weekly basis until 19 August. All seminars run on Wednesdays and start at 15:00 CET. Each webinar lasts 60 minutes, i.e. 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussions.

15 July - Tymon Zielinski (IO PAN): Sustainable future through sustainable science and quality education

Webinar link: https://jitsi.iopan.pl/TymonZielinski_15072020

Webinar recording:



22 July - Agnieszka Skorupa (University of Silesia in Katowice): How to best adapt? The psychological aspects of learning, working and living in isolation

Webinar link: https://jitsi.iopan.pl/AgnieszkaSkorupa_22072020

Webinar recording:



28 July - Leal Zielinska (Gibney): Modern education has many faces. Examples of non-formal educational practices

Webinar link: https://jitsi.iopan.pl/LealZielinska_28072020

5 August - Colin Campbell (University of Reading): A language analysis of the textual entries to the I live by the sea Contest

12 August - Agata Skomar and Monika Wiśniewska (Gdynia Aquarium): The Baltic Sea bottom is a desert - truth or myth? The role of Ocean literacy in increasing general awareness

19 August - Ned Dwyer (Randbee Consultants): The Ocean Keeps Us Cool in a Warming World

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