Bringing the Ocean to Society
27 Jul 2020
Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 launched!
Find out all about the revamped maritime strategy elaborated to foster a sustainable Blue Economy and the EU Green Deal.

As reported by the European Commission, an updated action plan has been launched for a sustainable, resilient and competitive blue economy in the EU Atlantic area, covering France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

At a time of social and economic uncertainty, the EU is preparing the next generation of EU-funded programmes to foster economic recovery. The revamped action plan will give new impetus to the Atlantic maritime strategy and will strengthen the participating countries’ recovery efforts. It will contribute to the European Green Deal, a socially inclusive model of sustainable development and job creation while safeguarding marine and coastal environments and securing a healthy ocean.

The European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, said: “In the midst of the crisis, more than ever, we must stay focused on making our future green: the EU Green Deal and the green transition should guide our recovery plan. The development of a sustainable blue economy, targeting specific challenges and opportunities at sea basin level, serves exactly these objectives. We must put green in the blue and blue in the green.’’

Focusing on offsetting the adverse socio-economic impact of the crisis, the new action plan proposes concrete actions for the development of the blue economy in the Atlantic, addressing challenges, such as:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of renewable energy - by supporting research and investment in marine renewable energy (going beyond offshore wind) for which the Atlantic has a huge potential;
  • The fight against marine pollution - by promoting green shipping and coordinating actions against marine litter;
  • The creation of new jobs - by addressing the skills gaps in the blue economy sectors and by supporting cooperation between EU training centres and businesses;
  • The adaptation to climate change - by improving coastal observation and designing and promoting cost-effective coastal protection measures.

You can find the original news article by the European Commission as well as additional information and the link to the new Atlantic Strategy Plan here.