Bringing the Ocean to Society
7 Jul 2020
Discover the Romanian seaside resorts that have the best water for bathing
EurOcean Member GeoEcoMar reports that more than 75% of the Romanian bathing areas have excellent water quality.

The information appears in a report provided by the European Commission, which also refers to a continuous improvement of bathing conditions in the Black Sea. According to the experts, the Romanian coastal waters have not been so clean for ten years.

The report on the quality of the waters in which swimming is allowed was prepared by the European Environment Agency relied on the laboratory analysis carried out by the experts of public health directorates.

The specialists analysed the presence in seawater of the E. coli bacterium, as well as other bacteria can affect human health.

In the case of Romania, the researchers show that almost all watercourses have a good quality for bathing. Bathing waters from the Romanian Black Sea coast, from north to south, were rated excellent in the report.

If in 2007, few bathing waters in Romania met the bathing standards. Since 2012 - experts say - most of the bathing waters have been cleaned.

On the coast, the water is excellent for bathing in the areas of 2 Mai, Venus, Costinesti, Eforie, Constanța, Mamaia, Năvodari, and Vadu beaches.

″In recent years there has been an obvious trend to improve the quality of marine waters in general and bathing waters in particular. This trend of improvement has been practically maintained in the last eight years and certainly keeps its pace in recent years, more obvious than in the previous period".

Dan Vasiliu, Director of Constanta branch of GeoEcoMar: "It is noticeable, from a physicochemical point of view, a decrease in the concentration of nitrates in general, however, the quality is much improved compared to the 2000s".

The analysis regarding the quality of the seawater is carried out by the specialists of Public Health Directorate of Constanța, as well as by the experts of the Grigore Antipa Institute once every two weeks.