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2 Jul 2020
Traces under Water, exploring and protecting the cultural heritage in the North Sea and Baltic Sea
EurOcean Member SUBMARINER Network informs about a fascinating study on what lies on the seabed.

n many regions of the world, the seafloor contains a fascinating archive of human history. This also applies to the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Their floors are not only home to shipwrecks, they also harbour remnants of human settlement from prehistoric times when these seas were still just dry land. Yet this underwater cultural heritage is not enjoying sufficient protection. Gravel and sand harvesting, wind turbine construction, cable laying and fishing activities could lead to these archaeological traces being lost forever.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has released the discussion paper “Traces under Water – Exploring and Protecting the Cultural Heritage in the North Sea and Baltic Sea” to raise awareness of the value of the cultural heritage found in the depths of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The paper’s authors describe the importance of this heritage and recommend measures for effectively protecting it.

If you wish to order a printed copy please follow this link https://www.leopoldina.org/en/form/order-traces-under-water/

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