Bringing the Ocean to Society
15 Jun 2020
A win-win relationship with Campus mondial de la mer
EurOcean keeps expanding its network in Europe.

EurOcean acts as the European broker for marine science and technology and its network of Members and Cooperating Members includes various leading European marine science institutions. Campus mondial de la mer joined forces with us in November 2019.

Our Executive Director was now interviewed by them in order to showcase the benefits of joining EurOcean and how our organisations will work together moving forward.

You can read the interview in the latest issue of Sonar, the journal of Campus mondial de la mer.

To learn more about the latest activities carried out within the EurOcean network, please have a look at our 2019 Annual Report. Should you want more information about our Members and Cooperating Members, please click here and here.

To discover how your European marine science and technology organisation can join EurOcean, please click here.