Bringing the Ocean to Society
7 Apr 2020
Join CatRIS today to inform the community about RI services related to COVID-19
Find out if your Research Infrastructures can lead to end the pandemic.

Governments, professionals, and research communities are committed to finding solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Identification and access to Research Infrastructures offering services relevant to COVID-19 research are urgently needed for supporting researchers, enhancing collaborations and mapping current efforts and available resources, and this is where project CatRIS lends its support.

CatRIS is inviting all Research Infrastructures that offer services relevant to COVID-19 research to register their services on the portal.

CatRIS is one of the H2020 funded projects in which EurOcean is currently involved. It offers a portal with an aggregated catalogue of services and resources provided by Research Infrastructures, Core Facilities and Scientific Resources across Europe. Our role is focused on designing and implementing the project's communications, and on feeding the portal with our marine Research Infrastructures Database (RID). Currently, CatRIS is focusing on identifying and making accessible those Research Infrastructure services that are relevant for advancing research on COVID-19.

Find here more info on how to upload services information into the portal.