Bringing the Ocean to Society
16 Mar 2020
RISE UP - A Blue Call to Action
Join the civil society and philanthropic organisations urging governments and businesses to safeguard the ocean

Oceano Azul Foundation is proud to share with you the launch of “RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action”, an unprecedented joint call from civil society and philanthropic organisations urging governments and businesses to take the bold, fair actions needed to safeguard the ocean at the next UN Ocean Conference in Portugal from 2-6 June 2020.

Our ocean is in deep crisis. However, the international response by governments and businesses has not been anywhere near what is needed to defend the ocean’s vital capacity to produce oxygen, sequester carbon and provide food and livelihoods for billions of people. 

That is why the Oceano Azul Foundation partnered together with Ocean Unite and Oak Foundation to bring together an influential group of ocean conservation organizations and foundations, Indigenous peoples and fisherfolk to agree on common priorities and solutions needed to tackle the ocean crisis and raise the level of ambition for action. 

In 2020, there is a significant window of opportunity politically, with key international multilateral meetings taking place and several international target deadlines coming to a head. 

They want to take this critical opportunity to inspire decision-makers and key stakeholders to RISE UP and agree on a course of action that will give our ocean the best chance at recovering. We want governments and businesses to actively support the different goals and actions included in “RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action” and to commit to this bold and transformative action at the UN Ocean Conference in June and beyond. 

You may help to spread the word and be part of the “RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action" by calling organizations to sign up via the website: www.riseupfortheocean.org and by sharing over social media using the hashtag #RiseUp4TheOcean.
With RISE UP they are calling not for what is possible, but for what is needed!
Join the RISE UP movement for the ocean.