Bringing the Ocean to Society
Ocean Literacy Initiatives
To find out more about Ocean Literacy and the importance of the Ocean in our lives check out these initiatives and projects.

In 2017, cooperating EurOcean member, IOC-UNESCO published a 136 pages toolkit entitled “Ocean Literacy for All”. The beautiful and very complete manual is not a mere description of Ocean Literacy and its principles. It also provides a collection of successful examples of initiatives that are making the difference all over the planet towards a civic relationship with the ocean, as well an extensive second part fully dedicated to educational activities that can be put into practice in schools and museums. The IOC toolkit is a vital resourc for anyone who wants to support the global Ocean Literacy movement.

Sea Change addresses the challenge of raising European citizens’ awareness of the intrinsic links between the ocean and human health.
ResponSEAble is mapping European marine research and knowledge to further our understanding of complex human-ocean relationships and the economic benefits that we derive from our seas and the ecosystems they support.
The Blue Society encapsulates a vision for society in which people benefit from the Ocean´s vast potential while preserving its environmental integrity.