Bringing the Ocean to Society
7 Nov 2019
University Bremen, MARUM | Germany | 19-21 Nov 2019

The EurofleetsPlus “Blue Skills LABS”

During the past ten years new technologies have remarkably extended the scope of marine research and now offer exciting novel perspectives for pioneering research. Unmanned underwater vehicles have reached a high degree of reliability and they develop towards standard equipment on modern research vessels. However, the technical complexity of the systems and their integrated scientific payload is a challenge for both the operational team and the scientists. Eurofleets+ will address these needing through proposed dedicated training courses (Blue skills Labs) to enable the next generation of marine researchers to fully utilize the possibilities offered by this kind of scientific instrumentation onboard European research vessels.

The EurofleetsPlus “ROV Lab”

Scientific ROV Teams do not only need a solid technological background and detailed understanding of their system, but also need to handle the special requirements of scientific ROV operations and requests of the scientific community. Scientific ROV operations differ decisively from those in the oil and gas industry in terms of cruise/dive planning, payload integration, post dive procedures to name but a few. The EurofleetsPlus ROV Lab will address the specific demands of scientific ROV diving in several class workshops and hands on practice which are usually not covered by offshore ROV training courses.

Workshop overview

The ROV Lab workshop is organized within the scope of the EurofleetsPlus training program and will be held at MARUM – Center for Environmental Sciences, University Bremen, Germany. The three days workshop (19th-21st of November 2019) is offered to European research-ROV Pilots/Technicians with no or only basic experience and knowledge of ROV operations and technology.

The workshop will cover topics such as dive preparation or mobilization in class courses as well as manipulator exercises and training dives in the ROV QUEST Simulator and if available, in an outside test-tank with the ROV MARUM Squid.

Learning objectives

Course participants will get a comprehensive overview of

  • Cruise preparation
  • Mobilization
  • Operation at sea

In class workshops and practical exercise with:

  • Manipulators (5F CSIP, Orion7P)
  • simulated or test-basin training dives (ROV QUEST Simulator, ROV Squid)

Costs and travel grants

The course is free of charge, but participants need to pay for their own travel expenses including accommodation and food. The lunch break will take place in the Mensa of the University of Bremen. Hotel single rooms in the proximity of the University of Bremen are offered between 80€-100€ per day. 

A travel reimbursement up to maximum 400€ is available after application. The support will be given on receipt of a bill from the participant’s institution, so that expenses are claimed from the participants own institution which later sends a bill to the ROV lab organizer’s institute.


Online application forms are available to access at https://www.eurofleets.eu/applications/You will need to register/login to complete the application process. Applications must be received by the 7th of October 2019.


Dr. Nicolas Nowald

MARUM – University Bremen

Leobener Strasse 8

28359 Bremen, Germany

e-mail: nnowald@marum.de