Bringing the Ocean to Society
30 Sep 2019
CESAM researchers in the spotlight!
Several elements from the EurOcean Member team are on news and for good reasons.

CESAM researchers, Ana Hilário and Sofia Ramalho, are members of a team of scientists on an Arctic expedition

HACON - HOT VENTS IN AN ICE-COVERED OCEAN will unravel the geochemical and physical processes that shape the Aurora biological communities and assess the role played by the Gakkel Ridge in connectivity of chemosynthesis-based ecosystems between ocean basins. The project will provide empirical robust data of a pristine system prior to expected climate-change variations and increased human activities in the Arctic region.

CESAM PhD student wins National Geographic Society scholarship

The work of Priscilla Campos for the National Geographic “was to collect these corals in Brazil and transport them to be studied at the Aveiro Academy to try to find out the cause of this ecological imbalance”.

Learn more about Priscilla's work here.

Fátima Lopes Alves, CESAM researcher, is member of the Marine Spatial Planning Global Expert Group

An online environmental toxicology book was published with the collaboration of a CESAM Professor as a reviewer