Bringing the Ocean to Society
4 Jul 2019
Paving the way for the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance
Learn how is the Belém Statement being implemented in the whole Atlantic basin under coordination of EurOcean's Co-Founder, Member and Host FCT.

Sofia Cordeiro - Coordinator of the AANChOR, the European project supporting the implementation of the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance – was in the EurOCEAN Conference - not related to our own EurOcean, the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology - to present the collaboration that is being developed in the Atlantic within the scope of the Galway and Belém Statements, and Cooperation Agreements with Argentina and Cape Verde.

“It is necessary to develop joint actions that impact the citizens. We need to reach the society in innovative ways. The All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance is contributing to the Ocean Decade through stakeholder platforms, creating the trust that is needed for a successful implementation of joint actions. Actions that impact society in crosscutting areas in the Decade such as capacity building, ocean literacy and awareness, data standards, industry involvement and infrastructure alignment will be carried out.” Sofia stated.

The EurOCEAN conferences are European marine science policy conferences providing a forum for policymakers and strategic planners at European and national level, to interact with the marine research community and marine and maritime stakeholders. The participation of the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance in the conference resulted in one additional step towards building an ocean research community at basin level, a major outcome to be supported by AANChOR.

The All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance is also involved in the alignment of key actions taking place in other ocean basins. The experience gained in the Atlantic will contribute to ensure that all ongoing initiatives add to the cross-basin cooperation in an efficient and fruitful way. There is much more being planned so please make sure you stay tuned to the Alliance’s portal, subscribe its newsletter and follow its social media to make sure you do not miss the next actions of this ambitious initiative. There will be opportunities for you to get involved!

Hosted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO in Paris on 11 and 12 June 2019, this high-level science-policy conference was co-organised by the European Marine Board, the European Commission, as well as the IOC. More information on the event and its programme can be found at http://www.euroceanconferences.eu/eurocean-2019-conference-programme.