Making partnerships and collaborations work
Preventive measures for averting the discarding of litter in the marine environment from the aquaculture industry

Call: EASME EMFF - Sustainable Blue Growth
Duration: 24 M


  • To prevent an increase in marine littering from aquaculture activities
  • To support the removal of already existing marine litter
  • To provide a sustainable toolbox of innovative ideas and methodologies
  • Promote a potential transformation of the aquaculture sector towards a less polluting sector
  • Promote face-to-face interaction within the aquaculture farmers community to identify and cluster existing, upcoming and already implemented tools to prevent marine littering
  • Create a platform that helps all the stakeholders from the aquaculture chain to increase the understanding, awareness and availability of solutions


GEO - Geonardo (Hungary)
EUROCEAN - EurOcean Foundation (Portugal)
VLIZ - Flanders Marine Institute (Belgium)
SPRO - Sustainable Projects (Germany)
IEO - Spanish Oceanographic Institute (Spain)
FRCT - Regional Fund for Science and Technology (Portugal)
NAUSICAA - Centre National de la Mer (France)


  • To better understand the types of aquaculture litter, its impacts and potential threats
  • To collectively analyse, discuss and co-design solutions that help tackle marine litter with relevant stakeholders from the aquaculture industry
  • To provide integrated approaches to help in the prevention, reduction, monitoring, quantification, removal and recycling of aquaculture litter
  • To identify policy gaps and to propose a mechanism to improve uptake of policy recommendations
  • To spread he best practices to avoid marine littering in Outermost Regions
  • To enhance the knowledge and awareness of stakeholders in all the areas of the aquaculture sector


WP1 Project management (Leader: GEO)
WP2 State of Play (Leader: VLIZ)
WP3 Learning Labs (Leader: NAUSICAA)
WP4 Toolbox for integrated approaches (Leader: IEO)
WP5 Scaling up the tide (Leader: EurOcean)
WP6 Communication, engagement and dissemination (Leader: GEO)




EurOcean leads WP5 “Scaling up the tide” on developing policy recommendation for less litter, transferring outcomes to the Outermost regions (Azores and Canaries Islands) and building the legacy of the project. EurOcean has also a crucial role in the Dissemination and Outreach tasks, in supporting Learning Labs development and in the data collection through its database Knowledge Gate.