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Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services

Call: H2020-INFRASUPP-2018-2020-1 (Support to policy and international cooperation)
Topic: INFRASUPP-01-2018-2019 (Policy and international cooperation measures for research infrastructures)
Type of action: CSA
Duration: 30M


ESF - European Science Foundation (France)
EFIS - European Future Innovation System Centre (Belgium)
JNP - JNPartners Co. (Greece)
EUROCEAN - EurOcean Foundation (Portugal)
CTLS - Core Technologies for Life Sciences (France)
NKUA - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)
EKT - National Documentation Centre (Greece)


  • Make available information about RI services offered in Europe
  • Improve services visibility, foster international collaborations and enhance RI accessibility, usage, and impact
  • Identify best practices and to propose a service catalogue structure to respond to users' needs
  • Integration in the European RI landscape and its different systems
  • Avoiding duplication of efforts and fostering interoperability
  • An interoperable system is the only sustainable approach that can be envisaged to keep information alive
  • Become an integrated part of the European Open Science Cloud bridging RI users and managers
  • Identification of potential gaps of European RI services
  • Open "network of networks" branching out to RI communities across borders and beyond


  • Elicit user needs and requirements for a service catalogue and an online gateway to services offered by European and National Research Infrastructures
  • Establish a common service catalogue framework for describing and offering RI services in a user-friendly searchable format
  • Develop an online service catalogue gateway that will be interoperable with existing systems and will ultimately be integrated within the European Open Science Cloud
  • Ensure active participation and involvement of the RI community in terms of data provision and data usage


WP 1 - Ethics Requirements (ESF Lead)
WP2 - Project Management (ESF Lead)
WP3 - User Needs and Requirement Elicitation (EFIS Lead)
WP4 - Service Catalogue Design, Alignment, Acquisition and Support (JNF Lead)
WP5 - CatRIS Gateway and API Development (NKUA Lead)
WP6 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (EurOcean Lead)




Work Package Leader for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (WP6). EurOcean is also involved in all the remaining WPs, most evidently in what deals with the design of the CatRIS portal by supporting the identification of current RI services and existing users' needs. EurOcean’s RID will also play a relevant role in the project, namely by allowing the users of the CatRIS portal to access Europe's largest marine RI database.