Bringing the Ocean to Society
1st Prof. Mário Ruivo Prize
Launched in our 10th anniversary in 2012, the Professor Mário Ruivo Prize aims at raising public awareness to the importance of the Ocean and its services to Humankind.

The Prize, named as a tribute after EurOcean's first President, had as an objective to reward an original short Movies (not longer than 15 minutes) under the theme: Seas and Us - Links between Ocean and Daily Life Activities.

After yhe evaluation of the applications the Prizes were awarded in the EurOcean 10th Anniversary Event, held in the Lisbon Oceanário on November 6th 2012, Portugal.

EurOcean received a total of 22 entries from 7 countries: 18 for the Junior Category and 5 for the Senior Category. The movies were evaluated according to their content, quality and technical production. All the movie applications will be available soon in EurOcean's website.

In the Junior Category the Jury decided to attribute a first Prize and a special commendation for its artistic quality. In the Senior Category the Jury decided to apply Article 5 point 5 of the Prize Regulation, as no Movie matched the expected criteria and consequently no Prize will be awarded.

And the winners are…

  • Winner of the Junior Category with the Movie Seas/Oceanos are Mariana Peleja and João Pacheco (Portugal) Please see the movie below

  • The Special Commendation for Maria V. Garcia-Saguar and Ana Garcia-Saguar with the Movie The Sea: The Mother of Man (Spain) Please see the movie below

List of the remaining applications to the Professor Mário Ruivo Prize:

Junior Category:

A House at the Beach (Portugal)

A Sea that Couldn't Exist (Portugal)

From the Sea to the Plate (Ireland)

Grumette (Portugal)

Links between Ocean and the Daily Life (Greece)

Mr. Goodfish (France)

Ocean is the Limit (Portugal)

Ocean Means Life (Greece)

Paul and Napoleon a Penguin at
the North Pole (Germany)

Portugal and the Sea (Portugal)

Saving Nemo - The Beauty
Beneath (United Kingdom)

Seas (Portugal)

The Sea Dream (Portugal)

The Wonders of the Sea (Ireland)

What is the Sea for You? (Portugal)

Senior Category

Follow the Sea (Portugal)

H2O (Portugal)

Parlement Des Jeunes Pour
Lócean 2011(not eligible)

Sea Breeze (Portugal)

Sea Gardens for Sale (Greece)


About the Prize

In October 2009 the EurOcean approved the creation of Movie Prize conferred to a student or a team of students to reward an original Movie related to the marine environment. This Prize intents to raise public awareness to the importance of the Ocean and the Ocean related services to Humankind. It was also agreed that the Prize should be named "Professor Mário Ruivo Prize" as a tribute to the first President of EurOcean, who held the position between 2002 and 2008, and as recognition of his work as a pioneer on the sciences of the sea and marine research at national, European, and international level.