Bringing the Ocean to Society
11 Dec 2018
Joining forces on ocean literacy
Three European marine-related networks gathered to discuss their roles in communicating and promoting ocean literacy.

EurOcean was invited to participate in the latest European Marine Board Communication Panel meeting held at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton, UK. EuroGOOS was also invited and the event served to strengthen the collaboration between the three organisations.

EurOcean Communication Officer, Tiago Garcia, presented the outreach activities carried on in recent years with a particular focus on the Mário Ruivo Prize. After two successful initiatives in 2012 and 2016, in 2019 we may have exciting news on the next edition. Stay tuned!

The major outcome of the Southampton meeting is that the three networks agreed on the role to be played – sometimes individually, sometimes together – in promoting ocean literacy, in contributing to raise awareness to the issues currently affecting our ocean and in supporting the marine decision-making process on marine matters.

Learn more about the European Marine Board and EuroGOOS .