Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Nov 2018
Our new Marine Knowledge Gate is almost ready!
The fully revamped Marine and Maritime Research Projects Infobase will include details of research outcomes.

As part of our efforts to make our infobases even more user-friendly and relevant for all different actors of our ocean community, EurOcean has been working hard at refurbishing and updating both the Marine Research Infrastructures Database (EurOcean_RID) and the Marine Knowledge Gate (EurOcean_KG).

The end of 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty full and exciting period with the pending launch of both infobases!

Full of new features such as map navigation and user defined statistic information, the Marine Knowledge Gate is so much more than a simple infobase. It is in fact a unique, innovative, open access tool that:

  • directs you to the products of research activity
  • promotes new synergies and networking within the marine research community
  • identifies relevant research trends.

The new Marine Knowledge Gate infobase was set-up to help you transform information into actions by:

We are excited about the new infobase and what can do for you! We even shared a sneak peek but, many more surprises are envisioned!

Soon, you will have a unique access point to one consolidated and up-to-date infobase, and you'll be able to search not just for funded projects and their outcomes, but by their research area, among many other relevant fields.

Marine Knowledge Gate, our effort to support you and drive a Knowledge Based, Impact Driven Ocean Community!