Bringing the Ocean to Society
27 Sep 2018
New Infrastructures database COMING SOON!
And we couldn’t be more excited!

The end of 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty full period for those of us on the EurOcean Team. With the refurbishing and launching of our two databases, EurOcean_RID and EurOcean_KG we've got a busy and exciting few months ahead!

As part of our efforts to make the EurOcean_RID more interactive and useful to the members of our community, we will be rolling out in the next months an innovative database. Currently, individuals seeking to acquire information about Marine Research Infrastructures, can go online and read basic information at EurOcean_RID or access our other three databases devoted to Research VesselsAquaculture Research Facilities and Large Exchangeable InstrumentsWhile this is helpful, having separate databases with different layouts is confusing.

Soon, you have a unique access point to one consolidated database, and you'll be able to search not just for Infrastructures, but for type of Institutions owning the infrastructures. So, for example, perhaps you're interested in public owned infrastructures. Right now, you'd have to thumb through each of the Infrastructure to see which ones are relevant. Once we've redesigned the database, you'll be able to click on a public tag and find all the infrastructures publicly owned.

Each of the Infrastructures will have more robust information on the website, as well. In addition to the information you already have access to, we'll also be providing you with different modules of Technical and Scientific Information depending on specific categories of infrastructures, you will also be able to use forms to contact directly the infrastructure and request more information.

Our hope is that the database will be even more user-friendly than it currently is, while giving you the maximum amount of information and promoting interoperability by the use of common information standards. We're excited about the new database, and it will have many more surprises, however to keep it relevant, we need your help! Send us your input using the email infrastructures@eurocean.org. What might be helpful on the database? Is there information you wish we featured currently that could be incorporated into the database? Let us know!

Top photo: https://ulstein.com