Bringing the Ocean to Society
5 Sep 2018
Webinar on Private Finance in Marine Ecosystem Restoration
Make sure you register for this event organised by the MERCES project on 25 September 2018.

The MERCES Project is pleased to announce its second community webinar on Private Finance in Marine Ecosystem Restoration. The event will take place on 25 September (15:00-16:00 CET). See https://news.grida.no/private-finance-in-marine-ecosystem-restoration for further information.

Prior registration for the webinar is required through the website (blue button link).

The webinar will feature two talks:

  • Identifying private financing mechanisms for marine ecosystem restoration by Rolf Groeneveld, Wageningen University, Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group

Traditionally governments have been the dominant source of finance of ecosystem restoration, including marine ecosystems. Recent developments, however, have seen the growth of private sources of finance for restoration and conservation of biodiversity. In this webinar it will be explained the major sources of private finance, the institutional and biophysical obstacles to such finance, and the mechanisms that have been developed to overcome these obstacles.

  • Private financing potentials for marine ecosystem restoration: a kelp-urchin case study in Northern Norway by Wenting Chen, Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Urchin barrens have dominated the Northern coast of Norway in the last forty years. As a main predator of kelp, overpopulation of sea urchins is the main reason of disappearance of kelp forests. There have been various initiatives from private industry to make use of sea urchins at the same time as restoring kelp forest in the region. In the webinar, it will be discussed private financing potentials for kelp forest restoration in Northern Norway and the experience we had from collaborating with industry.

Participants will be able to send questions to the speakers through the webinar software and a moderated discussion will be held following the talks.

The first MERCES Project webinar focussed on "Getting Better Value from Our Coasts" and can be viewed online at http://www.grida.no/resources/12615

Further information on MERCES can be found at http://www.merces-project.eu/