Bringing the Ocean to Society
14 Aug 2018
MaRINET2 Personnel Exchange Programme is now open
Check how you can access funded opportunities to learn new skills at several marine research organisations.

The MaRINET2 project is the second iteration of the successful EU-funded MaRINET Infrastructures Network. Both projects are coordinated and managed by the Marine and Renewable Energy Institute (MaREI) of University College Cork, Ireland.

MaRINET2 is a €10.5 million testing and demonstration project that runs from 2017 to 2020. Its consortoum includes 39 organisations representing some of the top offshore renewable energy testing facilities in Europe and globally. The project depends on strong international ties across Europe and draws on the expertise and participation of facilities in 13 countries. This collaboration enables the building of a strong European network, and to deliver consistent testing services, ensuring quantifiable and stepwise progress in device and key component development.

MaRINET2's Personnel Exchange Programme is now open for applications.

This programme is aimed to promote training amongst the MaRINET2 organisations and encourage learning in all aspects of our offshore renewable energy industry, whether it be engineering, environmental or the management of EU projects. Furthermore, this programme is not only limited to those who are working on MaRINET2 - any member (staff/PhD) of your organisation may apply.

For more information please head to the website http://www.marinet2.eu/training/personnelexchangeprogramme/

To apply all that’s needed is to complete the application form on the website and return it to marinet2@ucc.ie. There will be application deadlines twice a year (first deadline is 30th September) to encourage applications. 

Any questions please get in touch with Rachel Chester of the MaREI Centre in Cork, Ireland.