Bringing the Ocean to Society
31 Jan 2018
EMB releases its 6th Forum Message on integration, capacity-building and engagement in science.
The document outlines what is needed to enhance the integration of marine science at the core of ocean governance.

The European Marine Board (EMB) has just released its 6th Forum Message. Integration, capacity-building and engagement in science, along with science-based societal debate, are key to support the Sustainable Development Goals, and the European Marine Board is committed to help in achieving this.

On 6 December 2017, EMB held its 6th Forum Event in Brussels, on the topic of “Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda: What role for Marine Science?”. More information about the event, including the presentations given, can be found on their website at: http://marineboard.eu/6th-marine-board-forum.

The Forum Message outlines the marine science needs at the core of the ocean governance debate. The Message also presents eight specific commitments that EMB is making to underpin the development of ocean governance and the integration of marine science within it. A copy of this Message can also be downloaded from the website at: http://marineboard.eu/emb-releases-6th-forum-message. The Forum proceedings will follow shortly.