Bringing the Ocean to Society
18 Dec 2017
EurOcean InfoBases – Request for Action!
Get Involved! We are calling upon the European Marine Infrastructures Operators to support us in updating our Infobases!

Europe has an extensive network of marine research infrastructure which incorporates a wide range of facilities including research vessels and embarkable equipment, on-land and offshore research and test facilities in the physical, biological and chemical domain as well as numerous remote and in-situ observation facilities. Consolidation, co-ordination and more streamlined access to such facilities is being promoted at European and regional level.

In line with EurOcean’s aim of ensuring up-to-date information and enlarging and improving our Infobases, we kindly request your contribution to updating the exist­ing information orby providing information on new or not yet identified marine infrastructures.

If you are in charge of marine infrastructures please review if they are already available on the following Infobases and if necessary submit a new record by ac­cessing the following forms:

  • Marine Research Infrastructures Database - EurOcean_RID
  • European Research Vessels InfoBase - EurOcean_RV
  • European Aquaculture Experimental and Research Facilities InfoBase - EurOcean_AF

The update of EurOcean’s European Infrastructures InfoBases is quite easy and simple as you can either contact EurOcean or insert yourself a new record and/or update existing ones by filling the editable boxes of the form and save the information by clicking on the submit update button.

Only with your support (infrastructures owners and/or operators), can these InfoBases  be kept up to date  thereby  providing relevant and accurate information of interest for the marine infrastructures and scientific community, as well as to policy-makers. EurOcean´s infrastructures InfoBases have already being used   in numerous European initiatives including:  the FP7 EUROFLEETS2 project, the FP7 SEAS-ERA project, H2020 MaRINET2 and   the JPI Oceans Initiative

We wish to thank you in advance for your support and please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further explanation or have any comments.